Jellyfish Display Systems. Aquariums and breeding systems specific for the display of jellyfish. Designer of the Jelliquarium. Polyp, Ephyra, Grow-Out and display tanks for Moon jellyfish, Sea Nettle and Upside Down jellies.
Acrylic aquariums and quality aquarium furniture. Freshwater, Saltwater Fish and Seahorse tanks. Custom aquarium, shape and dimension specific. Crating, freight and International shipping available.
Aquarium reality television. Travel along with Jim Stime as he provides you with an inside view of the aquarium maintenance business. Visit beautiful homes with awesome aquariums with unique and exotic fish. See the inner workings of a fish wholesale operation, a coral farmer and a jellyfish breeder.
Design, Installation and Maintenance of saltwater aquariums. Provider of custom aquariums, marine fish, living coral reef, exotic fish, frozen fish foods, filtration supplies and aquarium service. Based in Thousand Oaks California.