Jim Stime has started in the aquarium hobby back in 1983 working part-time in tropical fish shops. In 1987 he was hired by Marineland Aquarium Products and in 1993 as the Aquarium Service Manager for Tidalwave Tropical Fish. Somewhere in 1996 Jim became president of the Marine Aquarium Society of Los Angeles ( MASLA ) and in 1998 he produced and hosted the 10th annual Marine Aquarium Conference Of North American ( MACNA X ). Since 1999 Jim has operated Aquarium Design an aquarium sales and service business. I’ve taken care of sharks and eels for Tommy Lee and Nikki Sixx of Motely Crew and seahorses for Bart Simpsons Nancy Cartwright”. In 2002 Jim created MyFishTank.com an on-line acrylic aquarium and stand supplier and in 2005 he applied for a patent on his Jelliquarium jellyfish tank design and then developed Midwater Systems which started as a commercial producer tank-raised of Moon jellyfish, the Jelliquarium and a line of breeding tanks for raising jellyfish. “Over the last three years I’ve created and produced a You-Tube video series that chronicles many of my aquarium installations called LA Fishguys”. Can I help you with your aquatic interior design?